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In 1985 we commenced breeding Dobermans under the prefix of Worruebell. We kept these beautiful dogs for many years and have now changed breeds.


We began as a  small kennel in Melbourne, Victoria (Aus) where our dogs live as a loving part of our family. We have now grown into a significant keeper of the beautiful Hungarian Vizsla through a selective program importing a multiple prize winning champion dog - Sugar Jegyzo- along with a young female Australian Champion Sugar Gloria  also directly imported from champion Hungarian parents. We have just recently received yet another Hungarian dog Sugar Izidor also from champion blood lines from Hungary. These lovely dogs are part of our project to expand and refresh Australian bloodlines by introducing fresh genetics to the current Australian genetic pool.

 You should note that our dogs are not kept outdoors in kennels as we love their company. Their place is inside our home with us.

We now currently own Hungarian Vizslas, Int. triple Champion Sugar Jegyzo,  Champion Erdos Yael Averbuch,  Champion Sugar Gloria, Champion Nagyviz Contessa Da Vina, Sugar Izidor and our own boy Alarza Dustin the Stars... All three Sugar Jegyzo, Sugar Gloria and Sugar Izidor are our first, second and third imports from Hungary.

We at Alarza Vizslas place equal emphasis on health, temperament, soundness, conformation, working ability and beauty. When we decide to breed it will only ever be on an extremely selective basis. We breed primarily for ourselves and will only ever have a limited amount of pups for sale to carefully selected candidates. All our dogs are hip and elbow scored.

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Chelley Zanesco
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0435908485
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